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Desarda Hernia Center, Fort Myers, FL

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Original Review:
I’ve had two inguinal hernias repaired by Dr. Tomas at UFirstHealth: first in Sept. 2019, then in July 2021. My wife accompanied me to Ft. Myers for the first one, but knowing the ropes, I was solo for the second, but engaged the clinic’s excellent post-op nursing services. After the initial examination the first time, Dr. Tomas told me that there was a 25% chance for a second hernia on the other side of my groin — and this is precisely what happened. Both times, there were no complications. Dr. Tomas was professional, knowledgeable, experienced and aware. His staff was very helpful, friendly and talented, even, many performing multiple tasks, medical, administrative and other. The second time I recalled having seen several of the same staff the first time, so there is definite continuity of experienced personnel. Since my first surgery at UFirstHealth, the practice started accepting credit cards, greatly easing the payment problem. If you’ve investigated procedure cost, you should be appropriately appalled at the insane cost of the deservedly maligned mesh surgery everywhere else. The experienced post-op nurse who, for a paltry additional fee, assisted me, was absolutely superb — alert, experienced, skillful and empathetic. Her availability obviated the need to drag my wife down to Ft. Myers again. I stayed at the Springhill Suites Marriott, which has a business arrangement with the UFirstHealth. They supply transportation to and from the clinic AND airport, as well as providing a bargain rate for an entire suite with a good breakfast buffet (despite covid restrictions) and is within easy walking distance of eateries. This is an unbeatable deal that UFirstHealth needs to publicize more prominently on their website. I am completely healed now, thanks to Dr. Tomas and his team, There should be a UFirstHealth clinic for hernia sufferers in every major city in the union.
review from T.Smith on 01/21/2022


Original Review:
After over years (4) of ignoring my inguinal hernia and having literally given up on finding a suitable, non-mesh surgical center. I had accepted that it would probably be the death of me until sister found U First Heath/Desarda Hernia Center. I had decided I would not let just any surgeon operate on me and would rather die at home then to be at the mercy of mesh-merchants. After covid-mania hit the USA, I thought it would be impossible to find a suitable and acceptable surgeon to repair my hernia. The hernia was at the point it was about to kill me. It was huge. Dr Tomas and his staff could not have been more professional, accommodating and courteous. Just great people. Within a blink of an eye, I was in recovery and today I’m so happy I placed my trust in Dr. Tomas and his able staff. Dr. Tomas literally saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful.
reviews from Steven D.


J. Rosenberg recommends Desarda Hernia Center, USA – No Mesh Repair: “For years I was able to live comfortably with a right-side inguinal hernia, until I could do so no longer. As years past, it got larger in size. I could no longer ignore it. Something had to be done. In July 2020, I was working a physically intense job and I was forced to quit. When a bulge formed, I was forced to “lay down and sleep” for a few hours. Pushing it in wasn’t doing the trick any more. I called a surgeon in Vegas and it was like pulling teeth dealing with them. But, what choice did I have? I needed it to be done. After weeks of “back-and-forth”, finally, I was scheduled for the operation. I was AT MY BANK, cash-in-hand, ready to draw up a cashiers check, and I needed to call for details on who to make the check out to. And, I accidentally called UFirstHealth, thinking, the entire time, I was talking to the Vegas office lol. I knew something was wrong because of how friendly BJ – the office assistant – was. I remember thinking, “Wow! This is like a totally different office!” And, it “was” lol. She answered all questions and I made the check out to UFirst that day. UFirst cost was literally HALF of the vegas doctor, a perfect track record, zero remissions, and the most friendly and professional staff. Turns out, I dodged a bullet going to Vegas and didn’t even know it. The vegas surgeon had multiple complications with patients and many had to get re-repairs to fix HIS surgeries! My caretaker, Pam, was a dream. The front office, back office and Dr. Tomas were great. Dr. Tomas was short on words, quick and thorough. Very straight-forward. The pre/post surgery was wonderful. They played Santana as they walked me half-naked into the operation room and cracked jokes. The anesthesiologist commented on how handsome I was, the doctors assistant, also her brother, said, “Oh boy! Here we go again!” The whole room filled with laughter and cool music in the background, next thing I know, I woke up in another room with a smile on my face – the same smile I had just prior surgery. I knew I was in great hands because God is in that office and God is with these people. Who knew getting surgery could be an adventure in itself?! 3 months later, I’m able to FINALLY do what I love and wanted to do my whole life but was limited in movement. Traveling is my DREAM, and it started in Ft. Myers at UFirst, then Atlanta, then Chicago, and just got back from Denver Colorado. I can eat the foods I love but couldn’t before, such as steak, cheese and milk. I can dance and workout. I can go back to doing physical work and enjoy my life to the fullest without worrying, “Am I over-exerting myself?” They were confused as to how I was able to walk a full mile to the office from my hotel AFTER surgery. The looks on their faces was priceless lol. Well, that just goes to show how great the surgery went, and the weather was so nice, how could I catch an uber? I didn’t know there was a difference between mesh and no-mesh surgery. I didn’t know I was going to the best doctor for hernia repairs in the world people fly all over to see. And I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Then, when I learned about issues people have getting mesh surgeries, and complications people have getting surgeries from doctors claiming to do no-mesh surgeries, no amount of research could have prepared me, because when you’re desperate, you’ll often go with the first doctor who claims to help you, be it mesh or no-mesh surgery. This is a VEEEERY long review, but long over-due. I want people reading this to get a full, honest perspective on what my experience was like so you have NO DOUBT that Dr. Tomas is WHO you MUST see for your repair, because I know what you’re going through. I was you, just 3 months ago, and having my mobility back to live life on my terms with no limitations is something I no longer take for granted. It’s a freedom that I’m taking advantage of whereas I didn’t have it before. So, feel free to research other practitioners, including the “Vegas Doctor”, but come back to this review, read it several times, and just get it done right the first time. God bless UFirstHealth.”


J Rosenberg

East Pointe,   MI

October, 2020



International Testimonial for Dr. Tomas,

Hernia Expert “second-to-none”! Great reputation in Asia. I flew to Florida from Mongolia and trusted Dr Tomas to remove pieces of hernia mesh which no other doctor was willing or able to do!
Self-verified patient of Dr. Robert E Tomas

Flew half way around the world to have the “Best Hernia Expert, Dr Tomas” remove a ruptured hernia mesh, and conduct non-mesh hernia surgery! 6 weeks later, I am “as good as new”! God bless Dr Tomas!

Thank you,

from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! KM

December 2019

My experience with Dr. Tomas and his entire staff was exceptional!! When I realized I had a hernia I started looking for alternatives to hernia repairs that use mesh. I had heard and read enough horror stories about mesh repairs gone wrong and I thought that there must be an alternative to mesh. Well, it turns out that there is and Dr. Tomas is the only U.S. surgeon certified in this no mesh hernia repair surgery. I called their office and spoke with a patient coordinator, BJ, who took her time with me and answered all my questions. I was going to have to travel from AZ to Florida to have the surgery, so I wanted to be sure that I knew what to expect. The office reviews were great, the doctor’s reviews were great and the patients who had gone there seemed to be very happy, so I made arrangements to go to FL for the surgery. The staff there were some of the most caring people I dealt with. They don’t treat hernias, they treat people with hernias and believe me that is a huge distinction. Esteban, who did all my pre-op prep was fantastic, Sabrina the anesthetist was fantastic, Donna who was one of the nurses was so sweet and caring, again fantastic. If you’re reading this far I would guess that you have a hernia and are trying to decide if this office/team at U First is the right place to go… it is! They will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process and you will feel cared for and you will be wishing that every doctor’s office was like this one.
Scottsdale, AZ

As promised here is my testimony for you to use as you feel fit and I will share with my network.
My name is Jerry B., now age 63 just had a Bilateral Inguinal Hernia “No Mesh” Surgery by Dr Robert Tomas, at Ufirst Surgery and Ali In Clinic in Ft Myers Florida.. Great Team, Experience, Energy and after 14 days Great Recovery.
Because of Covid and surgery delays, my journey to find UFirst, Dr Tomas and no mesh surgery started over a year ago. I took the time delay being the CEO of a telemedicine company and access to doctors. We thoroughly researched UFirst, Dr Tomas and his “no Mesh” surgery. My team gave a thumbs up and I am glad they did. I highly recommend Team UFirst and the “no mesh” surgery, professional, confident, on point and no waste time wasted, you get all the necessary information, answer all questions and leave you alone to make your own decision.
Thank you Team UFirst!!
J. Breene
Los Gatos, CA
February, 2021

Thank you so very much!
Due to the recent Corona Virus delays and an infection, surgeries, including mine, had to be postponed for several months. Finally, on June 3rd, I was able to have my umbilical hernia surgery performed by Dr. Robert Tomas at your center. Surgery is always extremely stressful. However, you have the absolute BEST group of people anywhere. All of which helped me get through this surgery with peace of mind and comfort.
Please let the following individuals know how each and every one of them personally went out of their way, above and beyond to help make my surgery as stress free as possible!
Dr. Robert Tomas, Anesthesiologist Sabrina, PA Michael, Nurses Kathleen and Tracy, Office staff Tosha and BJ.
I truly could not have had a more professional, courteous, caring group of people for this procedure. All of you are world class professionals, but not only that, caring and kind people.
Dr. Tomas, you are not only a great surgeon, but you have assembled the highest quality of people to assist you.
My sincerest thank you to each and every one of you who helped make my surgery experience the best possible.
God bless all of you!
J. Williams
Naples, Florida
June, 2020

B. Lopez recommends Desarda Hernia Center, USA – No Mesh Repair.
1 hr ·
I had a WONDERFUL experience with Dr. Tomas and his team. They are consumate professionals. Esteban, McKensy, BJ, all of them, are wonderful. They take their time to explain everything. THEIR FACILITIES ARE IMMACULATE. (I am a professional medical language interpreter, and I have been to hundreds of clinics.)

It is very important that you as a patient take the time to read the instructions given to you pre and post op. You really need to take the medications they give you correctly and on time. Please follow the ALL their instructions regarding walking, and other care. They do their part, but we as patients, must do our part.

I had two types of right-side hernias repaired, and even so, my pain level never rose above a 2 or 3. I am at the one weak point after surgery.

I HIGHLY recommend that you also hire nurse Pam or nurse Trish. They made my recuperation much better. Dr. Tomas’ office can provide you their numbers.

Please take good care of yourself, and please do not do the things that caused your hernia in the forst place. Don’t get another hernia or destroy your repair by acting like a fit 20-year-old at age 45 and above, etc. It is not worth it. God bless you.


J. F. Lopez, BS, MBA, FCCI, NJIT

Ackerman, MS

January, 2020


I got home from surgery a few hours ago. I couldn’t have had a better doctor or group of nurses!
Special thanks to Michael, Sabrina, Tracy? and my Irish nurse whose name escapes me, and BJ. I’m so grateful to all of you.
Kudos to Dr. Robert Tomas in Ft. Myers, Fl. You are the BEST!
JW Navarro
Pembroke Pine,  FL
June , 2020






I was skeptical about how the procedure would work for my case, which was quite extreme. I had a very large and quite painful inguinal hernia. I traveled 4 hours for the surgery and it was incredible. Such a blessing. And now 2 years later… I have no problems at all. It literally changed my life. Thank you guys!


M. Walker

Orlando, FL

June, 2019




its been 2 hours since I got out of surgery! the process from yesterdays consultation to right now has been so smooth! Dr Tomas is such a gentleman and true professional. I felt right at ease as soon as I met him for the consultation. I feel a little sore but im walking, I dont feel pain and the incision is so small and best of all… my big bump where the hernia was, is GONE!! There is no bruising or swelling! omg what a relief. I should have done this sooner but I waited for almost a year to get this done! I highly recommend getting your hernia fixed here. while I was waiting in my room before I went in to surgery, there was a man next curtain over and the nurse asked, what are you here for, and he said to get the mesh REMOVED and to have the hernia fixed!! im sooooo glad and blessed to have found this place that I didn’t have to get the mesh and then come back to have it removed!
I got here sunday, enjoyed my time checking out fort meyers by going to the beach, doing some dolphin rides and general sight seeing! ill be here till saturday and then fly home! totally worth every penny spent! its so relaxing here!
final note… I’m not being paid to write this. this is all 100% patient testimonial!
S. Rasura
Orlando, FL
May, 2019


On 8/2018, I had a surgery done
By a Surgical Team on earth second to none
Led by the Father thru the blood of the Son
And the Holy Ghost for all three are one
Dr. Robert Tomas is the leader of the team
Each member copiously ready to perform
In a world of hernia mesh they’re like a dream
That enables you to awake peaceful and warm
What courage! what bulldog tenacity!
Like career warriors this team must possess
Alleged main stream doctors lack the capacity
To understand what makes Ufirst the best
They are smart, humane, and caring for sure
Love for mankind reigns above silver & gold
Ufirst I pray your pristine brilliance may endure
May God bless Dr. Tomas & staff. Stand Bold
Thank you Dr. Tomas and team and to your mentor Dr. Desarda. Dr. Desarda, I’d first want to thank God who I believe blessed you to devise this natural way of treating this epidemic known as hernia, especially inguinal hernia. Thank you for bringing it to America by way of Dr. Tomas. I salute you both.
As I close, Sin is like a hernia that has weakened man to where he needs the spiritual surgical repair of the spirit, heart, and soul. I pray that all humanity will look to Jesus to repair this spiritual herniated condition which is pervasive amongst the human family. The spiritual procedure is as follows: 1 . Believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ, 2. Repenting of our sins,
3. Being Water Baptized In Jesus Name, 4. Receiving the gift of The Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking with others tongues as the spirit gives utterance, 5. Living a Holy and Consecrated life before God.
Thank you for allowing me to share
I love and appreciate the Ufirst family but Jesus loves you most.
Pastor N.W.
Homewood, Illinois




J Ross reviewed Desarda Hernia Center, USA – No Mesh Repair — 5 star

Facebook Testimonial

If anyone reading this is on the fence about whether or not you should have the Desarda repair done or the 30 year old mesh technique let me put your mind at ease…..please read on!!
After extensive research on hernia repair there was no doubt in my mind that the Desarda technique was hands down the most logical way for the defect to be repaired. No foreign substances are used, your own tissue is used to further strengthen the repair, surgery is done under local anesthesia….all positives!
I chose the Desarda Hernia Center in Ft. Myers FL to do my surgery. I had read many great things about this facility and Dr. Robert Tomas.I can attest that everything I read IS true!! The staff is amazing and Dr. Tomas is a very gifted surgeon! My procedure went flawless! I had a right side inguinal hernia repaired on October 25. About 2 hours after I arrived for the procedure I was on my way home!! I had very minimal pain and stopped to eat lunch about 45 minutes after leaving the surgery center! I cannot praise the staff and Dr. Tomas enough….it was truly a pleasure to be in a health care facility where people actually care about your well being. I was reassured from the moment I spoke with the office receptionist that I was in great hands…..I won’t deny I was feeling a little anxious about getting checked in!! I am 2 weeks out of surgery and I feel incredible! My insides feel like I turned the clock back 5 years!
So if you are in need of a hernia to be repaired this IS thee place to have it taken care of!! This place is the bomb!!!

Hello Dr. Tomas! Wow, I got my hernia repaired yesterday, it was repaired and I didn’t feel a thing! Thank you Doctor, you’re very skilled.

And, you played Boston songs while I was in a twilight state, I loved that! So far, so good. A bit sore at the iliac crest where a portion of my internal oblique inserts, but I believe that’s to be expected. This morning, I applied the Lidocaine patches & Arnica cream which diminished the soreness moreso.

Doctor, you have a wonderful team there, and hello Nurse Kathleen, thank you for your kindness. Thanks Joyce for reviewing my meds with me after surgery, I’ve been disciplined with taking them without miss. I took my hourly walks yesterday of 10 to 12 minutes in the cool hallway of my hotel with my buddy Steve, every hour. And I’ve drunk plenty of water, with chicken breast & broth for my protein source.

Estevan (sp?), you were so welcoming, really made me feel good. Thanks to the anesthesiologist, sorry, I can’t quite remember your name, you did well for me!And the other nice lady there in the picture, you were in operating room yesterday, thank you. Well, my follow up is Monday. See you all Monday at 9:15 for my follow up exam.

D. Hoering


June, 2019

Dr. Robert Tomas/ U First Health
I drove down from Atlanta to have the Desarda Hernia Repair Surgery in January 2018. I am very happy I did this non-mesh procedure and that I don’t have that bulge anymore! The U First Health Center is a very nice facility and everyone was very professional. I spoke to Rajim after the surgery about a concern I had – he was quick to respond and explained that I was experiencing some minor swelling due to physical activity. I’m back to riding my mountain bike and working out at the gym. I stayed at America’s Best Value Inn ($100/night) and actually walked to the Surgery Center the morning of the operation. The only thing I can think to complain about was they were playing country music in the operating room. LOL!
Atlanta, GA
May, 2018




My wife and I left Nashville for Fort. Myers on June 3, 2018. We had a pre-op appointment with Dr. Tomas on June 4. Left side inguinal hernia surgery was scheduled for me on June 5. Quick approx. 30 minute out-patient surgery and left the facility within 1 hour of surgery. Now day 8 and feeling Awesome. The is the best helpful and friendly Surgeon and office/surgery staff my wife and I have ever seen. A must go to for hernia surgeries and I will spreading the word where I live here in Nashville about this “non-mesh” hernia repair by Dr. Tomas. Seems most every doctor/surgeon around the country and the world loves mesh which is putting petroleum into your system with a good chance of causing problems. Dr. Tomas also repairs bad mesh surgeries by others. This has changed my life so I can start living again! Thank you so much Dr. Tomas and the U First Health staff! Ron and Ginger

Nashville, TN
June, 2018

Once more I want to thank God for using a wonderful team like Ufirst health to give my life back to me. 

You all showed me so much love and am so grateful for that. God bless you all.

To Doctor Robert Tomas, you are an angel sent from heaven to put smiles on peoples faces. May the Lord keep you and your loved ones safe and give you all round blessings.

To  Rajim, you are awesome. Happy to have met you. You sure are a wonderful soul. May God make you and your loved ones happy always.


Nigeria, Africa

June, 2018

U First Health,
I traveled from out of state to have Dr. Tomas do my double hernia repair. He and his staff were the best! I am two months post-op and about to start back exercising. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a non- mesh hernia repair to contact Dr. Tomas.
Wheeling, WV
June, 2018

I went to Dr Tomas’ practice few months ago for bilateral inguinal hernias surgery. I was happily surprised by how professional they are…. 1) they will take you on time !!!!! 2) the staff is very friendly 3) Dr Tomas explained to me each steps of the surgery (with pictures as well) and gave me insights about recovery time 4) They really take care of you. Before the surgery they will give you a folder with all the information you need to improve the recovery, in a bag you will find even your medications (no need to stress to go get them. everything is made to make the surgery stressless. I highly recommend Dr Tomas for people who have hernias. So far the best surgeon I’ve ever met. Thank you.


Sarasota, FL

April, 2018




Dr Tomas is the Best! BJ Merket was  my contact person after I made the first call late in February when I knew I needed hernia surgery. From the detailed e mails of the whole process from the hotel stay to my caregiver (Pam). Dr. Robert Tomas’ entire staff was first class from start to finish. Plan your trip to Fort Myers, Florida to U First Health if you need hernia surgery. Thank you again Dr. Robert Tomas for making me healthy and hernia free.


Las Vegas, NV

April 2018

I flew from New Zealand to have Dr Tomas do three hernia repairs in the one operation (bilateral inguinal and an umbilical). It was huge call and a leap of faith on our part but everything went exactly as he predicted.

Of course we were worried travelling so far from home to have surgery, 13,000 km and 36 hours travelling, but Dr Tomas and his team went out of their way to make us feel secure.

I had my operation first thing on a Friday morning and while the weekend was fairly uncomfortable, the pain never got to more than 2/10 except when getting out of bed or coughing. Never used the heavy duty painkillers only the Ibuprofen and lots of ice.

By Monday I was walking pretty well albeit slowly and we flew out of Fort Myers on the Thursday morning getting home after 36 hrs travelling. Organising a wheel chair to get on and off each aeroplane was essential, I didn’t really need it, but it kept people from bumping into me plus we got priority treatment. The flight from Houston to Auckland across the Pacific (16 hrs) was the hardest part, but manageable with regular applications of ice.

I followed all Dr Tomas recovery instructions to the letter and within two weeks felt great apart from feeling a bit stiff in the operation area. I didn’t lift anything of any significance for eight weeks, which was no big deal.

This was all 18 months ago and I am now fully healed, in fact I feel stronger in my groin now than before the operation.

There’s not a day goes past that I don’t thank the Universe that I don’t have mesh inside me. I regularly met people whose lives have been ruined by mesh, when it goes wrong, it seems to go really wrong.

Prof Desarda deserves every accolade for inventing this mesh free technique, while Dr Tomas and his team are simply fabulous.

Thanks guys.

John M.

Auckland, New Zealand

March, 2018

I returned to West Virginia last week after having my hernia repaired. I have an autoimmune issue and my family doctor told me not to have mesh. After doing much research I chose Dr. Robert Tomas. I ended up having 2 hernias- 1 that was very large. Dr. Tomas and his staff were wonderful. I received after care from Pam and she was the best! I am so grateful for the excellent treatment I received and would highly recommend this surgery center to anyone searching for a great surgeon that does not use mesh. Thank you !!


Wheeling, WV

March, 2018

I had my hernia done a few years ago and it has held up amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone. Stay away from mesh.

Toi D.B.

U First Health & Rejuvenation,  5 stars

Charlotte, NC.

Fenruary 1, 2018

Ocala, FL
Customer Reviews from the Better Business Bureau
Review of U First Health/Desarda Hernia Center, USA –
Original Review:

I am from Ocala FL and developed an umbilical hernia about two years ago. I did research on the internet and came across U First Health doing hernia repair without mesh. This interested me, having an older brother with an inguinal repaired with mesh 3 times working on #4. Also reading negative publicity of mesh company lawsuits I knew I did NOT want Mesh in my body. Just Say NO to Mesh. Dr. Robert Tomas is the only Surgeon in the US that is Certified by Dr. Desarda from India to use the Desarda technique having a return rate of <1% for inguinal and < 5% for umbilical. This sold me. I had a consultation and exam by Dr. Tomas on May 31st 2017. Dr Tomas discovered that in addition to my umbilical hernia I also had an open left inguinal hernia. He informed me He could do both surgery’s the following day. No brainier…6 weeks recovery for both. I had the surgery the next morning at 8:30 and was out the door on my feet at 10:am. Ate a chicken McBiscuit for my meds and China Buffet for dinner. I did get my rest and use Ice Packs and walk around every two hours following post op protocol which is written down for you. I also opted for the Extra med pack with Arnica Montana pills, Cream and Lido-cane Patches. I had a very fast recovery and felt better every single day. Dr. Tomas is the only Dr. I would let operate on my hernias and IMHO he is the best Dr. for hernia repair in the US. The entire staff from Alina to Dr. Tomas are very friendly and make you feel at ease. This was my first surgery at 65 years old.

Outstanding…Thanks Dr. Tomas for your outstanding work and thanks to the entire staff at U First Health for being there. It has been 3 weeks and I feel great.

Dr Tomas,

I just want to let you know that I am very very happy with the result of my second Desarda inguinal no mesh repair, this time on the left side. As with the first repair on the right, this one healed very quickly. I was off pain meds in two days, and taking long walks on the third. It’s been one month and I feel great. And as before, your staff and the hospital were top notch.
Thank you once again for your excellent service and for bringing the Desarda procedure here.
Please feel free to share and post this email.
Best regards,

Lionel L.
Miami, FL
April, 2017

Well I got out of surgery a little after 2pm and it went great just like the last one did. Dr Tomas is definitely the man! An excellent surgeon to say the least. I would like to Thank Dr Tomas and his staff and crew at U First Health for the wonderful job they did with my
Desarda-no mesh inguinal hernia repair. An outstanding experience when he repaired my left inguinal hernia last year and again today on my right inguinal hernia. Thanks again.

Byron P.

Eden, NC

July 2017

My name is David, I am a commercial airline pilot. I had triple hernia surgery (Bilateral inguinal, and umbilical) 2 weeks ago. I elected to go out of network to Dr Tomas, and am glad I did. From my first contact with BJ to the followup visit last week, I experienced five star service from each person on the staff. At day 11, I am nearly pain free, off all medications, and am walking 2-3 miles per day. I would highly recommend the Desarda Hernia Center, USA® to anyone who is considering mesh free hernia surgery.

David M. reviewed 
Desarda Hernia Center, USA – No Mesh Repair — 5 star
July 9, 2017


It’ s been four months since you performed hernia surgery on me
(10-23-15). I have followed your instructions on the amount of weight
to lift for the prescribed length of time. I feel great and am capable
of shoveling snow and lifting/carrying 40# bags of salt with no
problem. Seven weeks after surgery I started skiing. Worked into it
easy and now I’m at full speed and practicing for the upcoming races
in March.
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you do. I’m
glad I went online and found your clinic.
“Doc, you do good work and I have taken care of it.”

Patrick K.
Hart, MI.
February, 2016

Dear Dr. Tomas, BJ, and Staff,

Thank You Very Much for getting my Hernias repaired in such an efficient manner and in short notice. Thank You All for an excellent job so now I am on the road to recovery.
I just cannot say enough about how efficient your entire operation is from the moment we arrived Ft Myers Airport. I have to say this entire experience is above and beyond what anyone could have experienced in the best hospital settings. You certainly are at the top of your games!! Thank You All Very Much! Warm Regards, Bill

Bill C.
Hong Kong, China
May, 2016

Mesh Removal Patient Testimonial

(Dr. Tomas’ office receives hundreds of calls like this each month about patients with pain from mesh repairs. He only removes mesh that is placed from an open surgical hernia repair technique)

I’m a 28 yr old male who lives in NY and was diagnosed with a inguinal hernia in late 2014. In 2015, the pain was getting unbearable, so I went to a local surgeon where I live in New York who repaired my inguinal hernia with a paritex pro grip plug and patch. After the surgery, I was in a lot of pain, feeling my body rejecting the mesh, pain in my groin as well as unregulated bowl movements.

Since then, I did a lot of research online and found Dr. Robert Tomas at Ufirsthealth, Desarda Hernia Center, USA in Fort Myers Florida. After talking with Michelle and BJ, I was at ease as far as setting up an appointment with Dr. Tomas. Dr. Tomas actually got on the phone with me and talked with me about my situation.

After getting over the fact that I had to go to Florida for surgery, and everybody that was around me thought I was crazy for doing so, I booked the flight for the end of March to have Dr. Tomas re-repair my hernia.

When I arrived to Ufirsthealth, it didn’t even feel like I was going to a doctor. The office is very modern, the staff is very friendly and informative and Dr. Tomas was very professional talking with me.

Dr. Tomas examined me and pin pointed the pain that the mesh was causing right away. My doctor in New York told me I was crazy and I had to deal with it because the mesh is permanent and cannot be removed.

The next day, I went back to Ufirsthealth for the surgery. I had my IV placed, laid on the operating table and by the time I knew it, the surgery was over. Dr. Tomas removed 95% of my mesh and re repaired the hernia via Desarda technique. He said the mesh was embedded in with nerves and he had to remove it in pieces.

Whoever says mesh is permanent is lying. I am on day 3 with the Desarda repair and I have absolutely no pain. The area is very tight and sore, but obviously that’s because of the muscle being stretched out. I feel absolutely better. All the symptoms I was feeling before I received the surgery have been relieved.

Dr. Tomas is an expert surgeon. He is a godsend for hernia repairs. Whoever tells you that mesh is the way, stay away!!! Get your repair with Dr. Tomas. He is an absolute lifesaver. Thank you doc for giving my life back.

Frank C.
Brooklyn, NY
March,  2016

Dr. Tomas,

1 year ago today you fixed my inguinal hernia using the Desarda technique. I was 32, very active, had small children and a job that involved being physical at times. Before the surgery I was very distraught because I knew nothing about the surgery repair, and feared I would have to drastically alter my lifestyle. When researching inguinal hernia repairs I read all the negativity surrounding surgical mesh and was apprehensive to go that route. I had met with a surgeon back home and gone in for pre-op meetings. Then I did some more online research and found U-first health. When I read about the technique and contacted the office, all my fears were gone. The staff was very informative and I was able to have surgery just 1 day later than I had scheduled back home. The hotel was accommodating in shuttling me to and from appointments and surgery. The staff at U-first health was great and Dr. Tomas instantly made me feel like I was in the hands of a true professional.

The Lee Island Coast surgical center staff was also great. The nurses and anesthesiologist took all the worry out of what was my first ever surgery. Afterwards, I was driving with 9 days, walking with ease. I was able to survive on ice packs and Ibuprofen for pain, no prescriptions needed. Since my surgery I am back to my old routines in the gym, no restrictions with my kids and most importantly I have had ZERO complications (like what you hear about with mesh repair surgeries). As long as you adhere to the advice of this offices staff and put your trust in Dr. Tomas and the Desarda technique, you’ll be fixed up and back to life as you knew in no time! I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the care, comfort and professionalism to the entire U-first team and everyone at Lee island Coast surgical center.

Hernia repair can be worrisome, but not if you go with U-first health.

Justin T.
Coon Rapids, MN
August, 2015

Thank you Dr Tomas!

May God Bless you and your amazing staff.

Angola Patient

Paulo C
Angola, Africa
May,  2015

Dr. Tomas and staff,
It’s been 6 months since my surgery to remove the mesh from my right groin and I was just checking in to let you all know how great I’m doing:). I’m running and doing yoga without a problem, no pain, and feel back to “normal”. Thank you again for the amazing care you provided me! I’ll continue to follow up and keep you posted.

Happy Holidays,

Megan W.
Fairbanks, Alaska
December, 2015

Dr. Tomas and staff,

I recognize talent. I appreciate the art form and stratospheric level you have taken the experience of non-mesh hernia repair to.

I also commend you for attracting a cast of absolute super-star staff members, Super-Nova type personalities with priceless gifts for healing mind, body and spirit through courteous professionalism.

I was put at ease at every turn, made continuously comfortable and pain free.

I hereby thank each of your staff members with special mention to BJ, Michelle, Rajim, Kay, Evelyn, Sandy, the anesthesiologist, Rosario who was with Evelyn, the ladies who ran my credit card, the lady who drew my blood, the lady in your finance department, the young male physician’s assistant who accompanied you in our initial meeting who’s name regretfully escape me.

Faith is the greatest spiritual quality because you must have faith to overcome fear and that is the priceless lesson this experience taught me.

I believe our time as humans is best spent on this on this earth when we work to improve the state of our world.

I thank you for your contribution and commitment to detail regarding that endeavor.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I am strong, healthy, blessed and excited about my future! Thank you one billion, trillion times!

Forever grateful,

Jackie J.
Albertville, AL
February, 2015

Hello Drs. Tomas and Desarda,

Dr. Tomas performed a Desarda repair on my rather large right inguinal hernia on April 2012. I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the results. Recovery was fast, and within a week I took an overseas trip and was walking around with a 15 lbs. briefcase on my back. After the initial soreness wore off, I never again had any pain or discomfort. I went back to lifting heavy weights (for me) at the gym and the repair feels solid and strong. After 10 months, the ridge is minimal: 2mm thick by 5cm in length.
Also, I found the care and professionalism of the staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist at Gulf Coast Medical Center, as well as the facilities, to be top notch. Please let them know.
Feel free to reprint and post this email.

Lionel L.
Miami, FL
January, 2013

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