No Mesh Hernia Surgery


Feminine Rejuvenation


No Mesh Hernia & Surgery Center

Desarda Hernia Center of the United States®
NO MESH Hernia Surgery
Inguinal Hernia (groin)
Umbilical Hernia (belly button hernia)
Ventral Hernia & Incisional Hernia
Gallbladder Surgery

Feminine Rejuvenation & Wellness

Procedures below the waist
CO2RE Intima®
Bio-Identical Hormones
Feminine Wellness

MedSpa & Cosmetic Procedures

SmartLipo ® – Liposuction
Dermapen ®
Cosmetic Fillers
Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Our mission

is to work side by side with staff and motivated patients in educating them, nurturing them, and empowering them on their path towards OPTIMAL health & Wellness. We will strive to uphold this goal; in a safe, respectful, and fun work environment while radiating a Positive Energy consistently with each patient, each day.

Payment of Deposits

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