Cosmetic Procedures


At U First Health, we stand behind our on-going commitment to promoting optimal body treatments as part of your whole-health and wellness plan. We start off together by offering complimentary consultations to our patients.

It’s part of our mission to offer our patients the opportunity and education to improve AND empower their overall health & confidence.  We share our philosophy on healthy living, eating, skin care, and body enhancing or restoring procedures. We help patients achieve a more optimal sense of self which ultimately can lead to a better quality of life.

Custom Treatments
We customize all of our treatments specifically for each of our patients. By doing so, we address each unique body, which leads to better end results for our patients.

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff
Our team of highly experienced and trained medical aestheticians put our patients minds at ease by listening to their main concerns and together making goals to achieve maximum outcomes within a specific budget. Schedule a consultation today.

Our In-House Financing is always an option for any or multiple services***

    SmartLipo® (Laser Liposuction)Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck

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