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SmartLipo - Liposuction


As more women and men want to look and feel better about themselves, body contouring and lipo-sculpture continue to grow in popularity, making liposuction the most popular cosmetic surgery performed today.


SmartLipo™ is the first and only laser-assisted lipolysis system to offer a revolutionary and minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat. Using a high-powered laser, Smartlipo is a new Laser Body Sculpting procedure with less down time and side effects than traditional liposuction.


Facial -60 minutes


A very relaxing facial including steam, exfoliation and working to free the skin of excess toxins. The finishing touch is a customized mask that works its magic while your hands and feet are massaged. May be purchased as a single service or ask about our Special Package Pricing. The results continue to reward you, truly. A wonderful choice for special occasions or simply to pamper yourself, anytime.


Peels -45 minutes


Level I --- This is our entry level peel which encompasses an extra deep exfoliation using Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Green Tea Extract to name a few ingredients. There is no down time resulting from this peel. The result is a more firm, healthy and glowing appearance to your skin. An excellent maintenance plan for younger, healthier looking skin OR Acne-prone Skin,done at intervals throughout the year. Special package pricing is a nice option to help you comply with this plan, but even a single service will prove rewarding.


Level II --- JESSNER Peel, This peel is a medium to deep strength peel which consists of multiple peeling agents. These agents, when perfectly combined, penetrate deeper into the skin and result in greater exfoliation of the outer skin layers. The key ingredients are Salicylic Acid (a beta hydroxy acid), Lactic Acid (an alpha hydroxyl acid) and Resorcinol. This is for the patient who chooses to target more advanced signs of aging including deeper lines & wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation and skin laxity/ collagen depletion as well as Acne. There is typically no down time resulting from this peel. Extremely beneficial results for most skin types.


Level III --- TCA Peel, This intermediate to deep peel is a natural second step when other peels stop producing the desired benefits, for the experienced patient/client. The potency of this peel is via a typical multiple-layering approach to reach the deeper layers of the skin.


Trichloroacetic Acid is the key ingredient. Pain pills or relaxants may be offered for the procedure to help with your tolerance IF indicated, but are not necessary post-treatment. You may have a down time precluding you from work for 2-7 days, but the satisfaction with this peel is dramatic. You may repeat this peel only once every 6 – 12 months.


***Pretreating your skin with our Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care Line, OBAGI, for at least 4 weeks prior to any U FIRST peel will maximize your results dramatically!


Continued usage will also help to maintain the desired affects for sure.


Additional Enhancements to your U First Rejuvenation Peels

  • • Relaxing hands, arms and foot massage (15 minutes)
  • • Eyebrow Waxing (15 minutes)
  • • Age-defiant Live Oxygen (15 minutes)
  • • Galvanic Anti-aging, Collagen Stimulating Treatment (15-20 minutes)




A painless skin care technique that uses tiny grains or crystals to buff away the surface layer of dead skin cells. The removal of these dead skin cells encourages new healthy skin cell growth, enhanced with fresh collagen and elastin production, rising to the surface and giving the complexion a fresh, more youthful appearance. We typically encourage Special Package Pricing to yield optimal results.

  • • Face/Neck/Decolletage --- 60 minutes
  • • Face Only --- 45 minutes
  • • Hands --- 15 minutes


U First Rejuvenation Combination Treatment


Microdermabrasion WITH U FIRST Facial (90 minutes) Pretreating your skin with the microdermabrasion will improve the penetration of the facial products, even further promoting their benefits. A great skin-care choice every so often.




Dermapen® is a procedure that channels growth factor stimulation to the appropriate level of the skin pursuant to the individual patient's needs. This procedure increases collagen and elastin which adds to the skin's remodeling and rejuvenating process at any age!


The Dermapen® procedure has the ability to correct uneven skin tone, scarring and in general, lightens, brightens and tightens. This procedure rejuvenates and regenerates damaged skin in hibernation in a series or treatments without the downtime of laser. This treatment is safe for all skin types. Dermaplaning




Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment for the facial skin. This treatment improves the skin’s appearance by removing layers of the stratum corneum, on top of the epidermis, and fine / downy hair. Dermaplaning softens surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance. It also removes all barriers from the skin so that product can penetrate deeper giving you a more efficacious treatment. This would then maximize any treatment results for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and acne / large pores.


This procedure provides the patient with double exfoliation promoting improved skin texture and the side benefit of removing unwanted facial hair. This procedure also stimulates the collagen and elastin production at the dermis level which strengthens, tightens and plumps the facial skin and in turn helps with fine lines and wrinkles. How good is that?


This procedure takes approximately 40 minutes and may be followed by live oxygen or a special moisturizing mask. Dermaplaning should only be performed by formally trained providers and may be repeated at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks. Maximum results seen after 5 – 6 treatments.


Permanent Makeup


Intradermal cosmetics is a revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, much like a tattoo.


This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Intradermal pigments can be used for a variety of enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner/color. Other exciting applications are for scar and stretch mark camouflage and nipple/areola repigmentation. You can safely and beautifully correct your flaws or improve/enhance your existing look – permanently! We do use Local Anesthetics.


  • • Eyebrows (90 minutes)
  • • Eyeliner (120 minutes)
  • • Lip Liner/Color (120 minutes)




Botox® is a safe and effective approach for correcting facial wrinkles in a non-surgical way. It has been used for years to treat many eye & neurological disorders, and has quickly become a popular remedy for reversing the visible signs of aging. Botulinum A toxin is used to relax muscles and therefore eliminate or reduce dynamic wrinkles. Areas are injected involving the forehead frown lines, crows feet (lines around the eyes), lines between the eyebrows, and lines near the edge of the lip area.


Another area attended to more recently is lines of the neck, both vertical and horizontal. The overall result is a softer, more relaxed appearance and for many, a dramatic difference! The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and effects last from 3-6 months. Complimentary consults are available before OR on the same day of treatment. This can even be done during the lunch hour!


Cosmetic Fillers


The dermal fillers are a family of products containing components of either Hyaluronic Acid or purified human collagen. We typically use Juvederm®. These rejuvenating products provide a smoother, fuller appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds as well as restoration/enhancement of the lip border. The treatment takes 20-30 minutes, local Anesthetic cream is used, and results can last between 4-6 months or longer in many patients. Fillers combined with Botox provide a ore dramatic, longer lasting affect that will keep others guessing your age year round!


Cosmetic Laser Treatments


We have one of the most advanced laser technologies available to permanently reduce Hair Growth. This procedure involves 4-5 treatments spread out over a certain time frame. This essentially painless procedure allows for both large and small areas to be treated such as the face, arms, back, underarms, pelvic region. Shaving, electrolysis, waxing and tweezing will no longer be necessary. Package pricing is offered due to multiple treatments being required for maximum affect. We also offer Special Pricing for treating Multiple Areas, ie, Underarm/Bikini.


Our Syneron Laser, with ELOS Technology, also provides treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Photo Facials, Acne, Small Vessels of the face and Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, and Skin Tightening/Improvement of the appearance of the skin. Again, package pricing is offered due to multiple treatments being recommended for maximum affect. There is minimal to NO downtime. This laser is FDA Approved for the indications and treatments we offer, and the results are incredible.


The length of treatment sessions vary depending on the indicated treatment as well as the area being treated, this is discussed during your complimentary consultation while making your treatment plan.


*** In-House Financing Is Available, Interest-Free!


Waxing Treatments Treatment includes either Eyebrows AND/OR Bikini areas (15 minutes)


Obagi Skin Care Line


Schedule your FREE consultation and skin-care Evaluation with our In-house Aesthetician and purchase what will be the last skin care line you will ever need for your Face, Neck and Decolletage Area. We will follow the program with you and Watch your skin Transform!


Our In-House Financing


is always an option for any or multiple services***






B.J. Merket, Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist
Cristiane Marques, Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist
Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas and Dr. Robert E. Tomas, Directors


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