At U First Health & Rejuvenation, we stand behind our on-going commitment to promoting optimal daily skin care as well as skin AND body treatments as part of your whole-health and wellness plan. We start off together by offering complimentary consultations to our patients.

It’s part of our mission to offer our patients the opportunity and education to improve AND empower their overall health & confidence.  We share our philosophy on healthy living, eating, skin care, and body enhancing or restoring procedures. From facials & peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, Oxygen therapy & cosmeceuticals, to total body solutions, we help patients achieve a more optimal sense of self which ultimately can lead to a better quality of life.

Latest Technology
We use the most up to date Cosmetic Laser treatments. Our lasers (or heated energy devices) are safe for all skin types and are able to treat or improve upon a variety of skin concerns including fine lines, signs of aging, pigmentation, scarring and  hair removal. We discuss a treatment plan based upon your initial skin assessment/type, & your desires, that is both effective and safe. We want our goals together to be optimal, realistic & on the same page!

Body Contouring Technology

We use the latest in technology to destroy abdominal fat cells using ultrasound waves with Ultrashape Power®. Once the adipocytes (fat cells) are destroyed the body releases the resulting contents through your urine. The effects start immediately but also continue for weeks and months ahead, and why it is critical for you to remain hydrated, avoid intake of potential toxins & live a healthy lifestyle throughout for your best continued results. We then can tighten the skin using radiofrequency technology with Velashape III®. The two in combination can eliminate 1-2 inches from your waist line and additionally provide a smoother, tighter appearance to the skin surface.  The ‘ideal’ number of treatments as well as outcomes, vary from patient to patient of course.

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The skin care products we use are results driven and are formulated with high efficacy and absorption rates so that your skin actually gets the most benefit out of the products.

Custom Treatments
We customize all of our treatments specifically for each of our patients. By doing so, we address each unique skin condition and body, which leads to better end results for our patients.

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff
Our team of highly experienced and trained medical aestheticians put our patients minds at ease by listening to their main concerns and together making goals to achieve maximum outcomes within a specific budget. Schedule a consultation at our Medspa in Fort, Myers today.

Obagi ® Skin Care Line

Our In-House Financing is always an option for any or multiple services***



Kristi Montgomery, Medical Aesthetician
Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas and Dr. Robert E. Tomas, Directors

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