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Bothersome and excessive armpit sweating affects more people than many realize. When excessive armpit sweating (also known as Hyperhydrosis) goes untreated, it leads to different levels of embarrassment, including socially, functionally and even emotionally.

Treatments such as topical antiperspirants or oral medications have historically been the best treatments available. However, U First Laser & Rejuvenation Center now offers a more innovative and treatment. With the technology of Cynosure’s Precision TX laser, U First eliminates excessive armpit sweating via a minimally invasive laser ablation of the axillary glands in the armpit area. Taking merely an hour, this procedure requires only one visit. Laser ablation of the axillary glands is conveniently offered at all U First Locations and is ideal for those desiring the best possible results with the least amount of downtime. Contact us today to schedule your treatment.