Couples Optimization

Most couples don’t realize that what is happening to us as individuals, amazingly affects us as a couple. Having your hormones optimized both as individuals and as a couple is a great way to bring ‘life’ back into your relationship. Hormone optimization is not just for ‘menopausal’ women.

Hormone Optimization & Revitalization

Men ages 40-60 years old have a significant decline in testosterone, not including every day stressors and over 50% of men ages 40-60 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction. As a couple, you both may be experiencing as individuals low libido, fatigue, moodiness, depression, weight gain and other health distresses which leads to a strained relationship. Dr. Anne helps couples become happy couples, by optimizing their hormones on an individual basis and restoring their vitality together.


Thomas R. – February 7, 2018

Both my wife and myself are receiving Dr Anne’s pellet treatment. Wow! It is just simply better than you will ever imagine. To have the experience of our age 63, but the “abilities” of someone much younger is a true gift. You will simply feel better.

    LabiaplastyCO2RE Intima® (Vaginal Rejuvenation)Bioidentical Hormones (HRT or BHRT)

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