Bio-Identical Hormones/Thyroid Hormone Optimization in Fort Myers, FL

As we age, there a variety of physical, psychological and hormonal changes to address, and one large area of focus should be our endocrine system. In order for us to continue to age optimally, we must assure that our thyroid function along with our gender specific hormones are maintained at optimal levels. Symptoms of low thyroid levels or sex hormone levels may include decreased/absent libido or sexual arousal disorder; hot flashes; mood swings; fatigue; sleep disturbance; vaginal dryness, anxiety, weight gain, painful intercourse and many more. HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY, Bio-identical and/or thyroid, may be in the plan for you. Most importantly, is that we update any necessary exams/testing, investigate ANY concerning issues or symptoms and restore a sense of balance to this incredibly important time of your life. We promote restoration integrated with a healthier lifestyle , to improve our longevity and quality of life as a women and as couples.

HRT or BHRT may be delivered in a variety of methods including oral/sublingual, transdermal creams, vaginal and sterile pellet insertion. Dr. Anne has advanced training in all of these areas.

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