Vaginal Tightening Treatment, Vaginoplasty & Perineoplasty in Fort Myers, FL

Vaginal looseness is a common problem for many women after childbirth and as a result of age, and even some conditions in which we prematurely lose collagen and elastin support. If you’re looking to restore your confidence and improve your sexual gratification, a vaginal tightening treatment in Fort Myers could be an excellent solution for you.

At U First Health & Rejuvenation, we offer vaginal-perineal rejuvenation and laser rejuvenation to empower women and improve the quality of their lives in the area of health and wellness that is optimal intimacy.

What Is a Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening treatment is an elective surgical procedure designed to tighten the vagina and perineum. As women age, especially after childbearing years or difficult deliveries, their vaginal walls and opening experience laxity or loosening. The tissue is not quite as resilient or supportive as it was before.

This relaxation of the vaginal muscles can lead to problems holding in a tampon or sexual device. It can decrease satisfaction for a woman and her partner during sexual relations, which admittedly affects confidence for many. Dr. Anne will also ensure that you do not have other accompanying defects needing attention, including pelvic organ prolapse, during your initial consultation.

Benefits of Vaginal Tightening

Upon consultation, Dr. Anne may determine that you are a candidate for both surgical vaginal tightening and laser “Rejuvenation” or just laser-based treatment. This is why the initial consultation is so very important for your best decision-making! For some, she will only suggest the laser-based, non-surgical procedure.

With vaginal tightening, you can experience a myriad of benefits. With this procedure, you can:

  • Enhance sexual satisfaction: Vaginal tightening can help heighten sensation and improve your sexual pleasure and “normal” responses with the tissues. It can also eliminate pain during intercourse.
  • Improve your partner’s sexual experience: Laxity can result in dissatisfaction on your partner’s end, too. Improve sexual relations for both of you with vaginoplasty.
  • Reduce urinary incontinence: Incontinence is a standard issue for women following childbirth. In tightening the muscles of the pelvic floor in combination with laser rejuvenation, you’ll have more control over urination.
  • Revitalize vaginal appearance: Aging, looseness or laxity may change the appearance of your vaginal area. Tightening can help restore the look of your vagina or introitus.
  • Boost your self-esteem: When you experience vaginal laxity and signs of aging, you may not feel like yourself. Tightening the area can help you feel more confident. In other words, the benefits are for both mind and body!

About the Procedure

The surgical vaginoplasty procedure is handled at our surgical center while you’re under IV sedation. Before the surgery, we’ll determine the amount of tightening needed. While you’re sedated, we’ll remove any extra skin as a result of laxity. Then we’ll tighten the tissue with sutures. Full recovery takes about six to eight weeks following all post-op care instructions. This procedure is often combined with laser rejuvenation.

Who We Are

U First Health & Rejuvenation has 20 years of experience in fostering an environment of optimal health and holistic wellness. We strive to create a place of safety and comfort, all while educating you on the best practices for a better and more fulfilling lifestyle. Using their collective education, Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas and her husband, Dr. Robert Tomas, foster this environment with their respective expertise and incredible support team.

Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas represents the feminine rejuvenation side of the practice. She has a degree in Osteopathic medicine and oversees all vaginal tightening procedures. As a woman and mother herself, and even a certified yoga instructor, she understands the importance of feeling empowered by cultivating our BEST female self, during any given season. She and her team work wholeheartedly to educate and support women and healthy couples, alongside their own passion, about the art of aging well.

Contact Us for a Consultation

If you’ve been dealing with vaginal laxity or less comfort and confidence during intimacy, it’s time to start putting you first. Get started on our journey and treatment process by filling out our consultation form or by giving us a call at 239-243-8222.

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