Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labial Rejuvenation
Ft Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, FL

Vaginal-Perineal Rejuvenation
- Tightening of the vagina and perineum

vulvar-anatomyVaginal-perineal rejuvenation, or restoration, is an elective procedure done under IV sedation at our private office surgical suite to tighten and support the vaginal and perineum. Many women experience a laxity or loosening/relaxation of the vaginal walls and opening of the vagina. This can decrease satisfaction with sexual relations for some women and partners. It can even cause difficulty holding in tampon or sexual devices in place properly, leading to frustration. The vaginal wall and perineum are treated surgically to restore better tightness and support very successfully. Full recovery is typically within 6-8 weeks with compliant postop care after this rejuvenating procedure.

- Revision of the labia minora

LabiaPlasty is an elective procedure done to create or restore a more symmetric, cosmetically pleasing appearance to the labia minora (inner lips). Some women have large or excessive appearing labia which can cause irritation with sexual activity or exercise. Others may simply want to improve upon their labia to create a more flattened/flush appearance in proportion to their outer lips. We use IV sedation at out private office surgical suite for your comfort during this delicate procedure. Dr Lord-Tomas’ patients recover completely and lovely within just a few weeks or so if compliant with proper postop care.

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