Labiaplasty/Laser Reduction Labiaplasty - Revision of Labia Minora Ft Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, FL

Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas at U First Health & Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty/Laser Reduction Labiaplasty - Revision of the labia minora

Labiaplasty/Laser Reduction Labiaplasty are elective procedures done to create or restore a more symmetric, cosmetically pleasing appearance to the labia minora (inner lips). Some women have large or excessive appearing labias which can cause irritation with sexual activity or exercise. Others may simply want to improve upon their labia to create a more flattened/flush appearance in proportion to their outer lips. We use intravenous sedation at our private office surgical suite for your comfort during this delicate procedure. Dr Lord-Tomas’ patients recover completely within just a few weeks or so if compliant with proper postoperative care.

In Summary:

  • Surgical/Laser Labial Rejuvenation With Minimal Downtime 
  • Improve Labial Appearance  
  • Optimizing Sexual Confidence, Comfort and Healthy Intimacy 
  • Private Surgical Suite

Large Labia Minora

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