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CO2RE® Intima Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in Fort Myers, Florida

Optimal vaginal health is of the utmost importance when it comes to a woman’s body, her confidence with physical intimacy, and as part of her overall ‘wellness plan’ for herself. Whether you’re experiencing vaginal discomfort or seeking restoration of your inner and outer vaginal tissue after childbirth, you can receive the personalized care you need to relieve your symptoms and revitalize your body with Dr. Anne!

At U First Health & Rejuvenation, we offer CO2RE® Intima treatment in Fort Myers to help women heal, restore and rejuvenate their bodies and feel their best – both in and out of the bedroom. We’ve provided our patients with customized and informed intimacy care for over 20 years, helping women rejuvenate their bodies using the most holistic methods integrated with modern technology.

What Is CO2RE® Intima?

CO2RE® Intima laser vaginal rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that uses radio-frequency-excited heated energy to help relieve a woman’s gynecological symptoms. This vaginal CO2 laser treatment is performed using a medical laser that carries controlled heated energy to the vaginal and vulva tissue, aiding the cells in remodeling & recruiting more collagen and elastin and ultimately improving tissue tone, support, texture and appearance. There are multiple other CO2 rejuvenation ‘lasers’ on the market, but we have chosen the model and platform that we felt offers the most innovative technology, fine-tuned safety measures and backed by a solid internationally recognized company. We do offer a similar platform called Thermiva®, which shares similar clinical indications, for patients seeking this alternate energy-delivery system (radiofrequency waves) as well, and Dr. Anne has extensive experience with this device for patients who are candidates for a variety of reasons/preferences.

This procedure is non-hormonal (although often combined with bioidentical hormonal support* for many patients by choice) and minimally invasive. We take all necessary steps to ensure that all treatments are as safe AND comfortable as possible. In addition to delivering cosmetic results, CO2RE® Intima also targets other gynecological conditions, such as warts and growths, vaginal dryness and bladder leakage. Following an in-office consultation and pelvic exam to ensure you are an excellent candidate and that your customized treatment plan is just right for you, you will be scheduled for your ‘Initial Treatment Protocol’, which consists of THREE treatments spaced out 1-month apart*. You will also receive a prescriptive order sent on your behalf for a special numbing cream compound for your comfort. This will be your responsibility to get this cream and follow the directions for application PRIOR to your treatments. As always, we are here for any questions you may have about this! If you have a personal history of HSV (herpes simplex virus) outbreaks, Dr. Anne recommends all patients to fill a prescription written by us for an anti-viral medicine to take preventatively on the days surrounding your treatments to avoid any issues with lesions recurring. You are responsible for taking this prescription as directed to avoid any possible related issues. This in-office procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes and addresses numerous goals and symptoms.

Benefits of CO2RE® Intima Vulvar-Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Reversing signs of aging and childbirth, and loss of hormone support.
  • Restoring vaginal sensitivity, tone and support.
  • Improved pH balance and boosted natural ability of the vagina to protect and maintain itself optimally.
  • Remedying vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to less lubrication and chronic conditions of the vulvovaginal area.
  • Reducing all types of bladder leakage & frequency of urination, symptoms related to recurrent UTIs & signs of pelvic prolapse.
  • Removing or reducing gynecological warts, growths and hyperpigmented abnormalities.
  • Improving sensation and the sexual experience for both partners.
  • Boosting self-esteem as part of your overall health and wellness.

If you experience any of these issues (we ALL do or will!), our CO2RE® Intima procedure in Fort Myers is designed to help you alleviate your symptoms and start enjoying your BEST intimate wellness again! At U First Health & Rejuvenation, Dr. Anne and our heated-energy treatments can empower women and improve their quality of life by helping them achieve optimal intimacy and pelvic health.

CO2RE® Intima may be used instead of OR in conjunction with surgical vaginoplasty, an elective procedure with more significant “down-time” that enhances vaginal or perineum tightening and support for women who are experiencing loosening or laxity of their vaginal walls from childbirth or signs of aging.  It is also commonly integrated with an elective surgical labiaplasty procedure for surgical reduction of elongated labia minora.  The heated energy actually further accentuates a more optimal overall aesthetic result of the minora, clitoral hood and vulvar tissue, for this surgical procedure that Dr. Anne has done for 20 years.

When you meet with our in-office physician (We guarantee that you will see NO other Provider or Mid-Level Clinical Practitioner during your visits*), Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas, for a consultation, she may determine that you are a candidate for both surgical and laser rejuvenation, or just the CORE® Intima. This decision will be based upon YOUR desires and symptoms, and your pelvic exam findings, combined with Dr. Anne’s extensive experience. In addition, she can relate in terms of being a woman and cares in a similar fashion for her own personal optimal health, wellness and intimacy! These initial valuable consultations are essential for Dr. Anne to formulate a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan, and for you to make informed decisions regarding the process and best outcome for YOU!

About the CO2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Our CO2RE® Intima procedure takes place in THREE initial simple treatment visits and an ANNUAL maintenance visit which allows:

  1. The use of the heated-energy/laser device to deliver energy to the affected areas of tissue.
  2. The laser energy stimulates a healing response, remodeling the soft tissue fibers of the vulva and vagina as well as supportive tissues for the bladder and rectum.
  3. Remodeled and recruited collagen and elastin fibers forms, rejuvenating the targeted and surrounding tissue.
  4. You will be lying down and in stirrups; the procedure takes less than 15 minutes.
  5. It is recommended to NOT be on your period. IUDs are okay. You may NOT have sexual relations for a minimum of ONE week after.
  6. You will apply your numbing cream as directed, and take an antiviral prescription if indicated from your consultation/history.
  7. You will be recommended to apply an ointment such as Aquaphor® externally for several days after your treatment.
  8. Your pelvic tissue can start to feel AND age…BETTER.

Unlike surgeries designed to remove excess tissue, laser rejuvenation treats the tissue directly to stimulate a healthy and youthful cell response within the vagina and vulva. Nearly every woman is an excellent candidate and stands to benefit from one or all of the intended benefits. CO2RE® Intima promotes better lubrication, bladder strength, external appearance and sexual sensation – a healthier vagina, revitalized relationships, a rediscovered YOU.

When you sign up for treatment, you’ll sign up for all three and then visit us annually for continued care so that you can achieve sustainable, optimal results and make your investment count – and become the gift that keeps on giving!

Who We Are

Our goal is to provide our patients with the personalized care they need to feel empowered inside and out. The passionate, friendly staff at U First Health & Rejuvenation strives to motivate, educate and nurture our patients, helping them on their path toward optimal wellness. We maintain a safe and respectful work environment while cultivating an attitude of positivity and fun each day.

When you receive vaginal laser treatment, Dr. Anne Tomas, the co-founder of U First Health & Rejuvenation, will perform your procedure. Dr. Anne has a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a medical degree as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern University. Her Residency was done in OB/GYN through MSU and she achieved Board Certification. Dr. Anne is passionate about connecting with women and couples who want to transform their lives to feel and age BETTER, as well as enlightening like-minded individuals on the hidden joys of aging…TOGETHER.

Get Started With CO2RE® Intima Treatment Today

If you’re looking for an innovative and effective procedure that will transform your vaginal and intimate health, choose U First Health & Rejuvenation for CO2RE® Intima treatment in Fort Myers. We pride ourselves on helping our patients become confident and fulfilled through health and wellness, providing them with holistic, passionate and reliable care alongside a top-notch team!

Contact us to get started with your vaginal laser treatment or give us a call at 239-266-2925 today!

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