Botox® Treatment in Fort Myers

Botox® is a safe and effective approach for correcting facial wrinkles in a non-surgical way. It has been used for years to treat many eye & neurological disorders, and has quickly become a popular remedy for reversing the visible signs of aging. Botulinum A toxin is used to relax muscles and therefore eliminate or reduce dynamic wrinkles. Areas are injected involving the forehead frown lines, crows feet (lines around the eyes), lines between the eyebrows, and lines near the edge of the lip area.
Another area attended to more recently is lines of the neck, both vertical and horizontal. The overall result is a softer, more relaxed appearance and for many, a dramatic difference! The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and effects last from 3-6 months. Complimentary consults are available before OR on the same day of treatment. This can even be done during the lunch hour!

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