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umbilical hernia before


umbilical hernia after


umbilical hernia cut
umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia with markings of incision for repair.

Umbilical hernias occur near the belly button or navel, which has a natural weakness from the blood vessels of the umbilical cord. These hernias may occur in infants at or just after birth and may resolve by three or four years of age. However, the area of weakness can persist throughout life and can occur in men, women, and children at any time. In adults, umbilical hernias will not resolve and may progressively worsen over time. They are sometimes caused by abdominal pressure due to being overweight, excessive coughing, or pregnancy.

Our repair requires a three layered closure that closes the defect and repairs the tissue above and below the defect to lower the recurrence. This patent pending technique requires three rows of sutures to reinforce the area above and below the defect or hole lower the recurrence dramatically. Recurrence rate for this technique is less than 5%. The much larger hernias such as a cantelope size hernia may require a biologic mesh that is sutured under the defect. Our center uses Alloderm which your body does not react to and it rarely gets infected. However, the majority (90%) of umbilical hernias that are repaired at Desarda Hernia Center, USA are repaired without mesh with the three layered suture technique that is patent pending by Dr. Robert Tomas..

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56 year old male who complained of a bulge at the level of the umbilicus (navel) and a second bulge above the navel for four years. He wished to have it repaired with no mesh.
Diagnosis: Ventral Hernia.





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